After a few weeks of not checking up on the blog I got a little scare, one of the websites on our server was hacked and it effected every blog on the server, including mine, it was destroyed!  It’s been stripped of any sneaky and malicious code that the hackers hid so don’t worry.

You’ll see it look a little messy and some days you won’t see it at all but over the next few weeks as I restore order and a new layout too.

Since our move, I’ve had a lot going on, between a longer commute to work and trying to book appointments for kitchen designs, viewing and booking flooring, appliances, furniture. Do you ever feel like you’re just running about and not getting anything done? That’s me lately. We finally got to see the building site and a house behind ours that’s complete but the exact spec as ours so now I finally have an idea of the feel of our house. It should be ready in about 6 weeks for Snagging teams to come in before we sign the deeds.

Please don’t go anywhere, I’m here and I’ll be back.

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