So.. I sometimes feel I’m one of the last few who believe in etiquette, I love to write letters, thank you notes and always say please and thank you’s.. I know that this might seem a little old fashioned to some, but it’s just a general respect for those around us and to make us all feel a little better. It gives others a sense of appreciation for little gestures & things they bring to our lives..

Is it just me or have manners sort of become “old fashioned”? Often, I hold the door open for people, as I’m leaving shops or other public places.. and I never hear a thank you, instead, it’s a blank stare and I end up saying “YOU’RE WELCOME!!” and then end up hating myself for allowing them to make me feel that way… Have our lives and minds become so busy that there’s no room for being nice to each other?

Then there’s the whole Feminism issue.. thankfully I am married to an old fashioned Gentleman, he’s a feminist, he loves to treat women like ladies, opening doors and always putting himself last. Increasingly, over the last few years he’s mentioned the blank stares from overly feminist women who almost growl at him for attempting to open a door for them, this is killing chivalry, the things we look for in men!!! It’s crushing it!! Why can’t we be grateful, take compliments gracefully, smile and just learn to say “Thank You!”.

When I was a child, I collected stationery, I had note paper in every colour with a variety of motif’s from horses to seashells and I wrote thank you notes to everybody, even my own Mum, she always paid attention to teaching me manners and etiquette, especially when visiting people. “Elbows OFF the table….. NEVER arrive empty handed…. and ALWAYS wait for everyone else to be at the table before you start eating..”

If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll have noticed that I’ve added an ‘Etiquette’ tab at the top of my website, I’m going to start a series of posts on etiquette, from attending weddings and parties, to being a proper hostess/host and general posts on polishing up your etiquette..

So watch this space!