Hey guys! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas ( if you celebrate it), I hope you managed to spend lots of time with your friends and family most of all…and yeah, a couple of nice gifts thrown in. 😂 😉

Since my last post, our mortgage application WAS APPROVED and I’ve basically living on a cloud in addition to a very busy period at work. I worked right up until Christmas eve when I basically fell in the door and died, I was so tired, I then managed to make a ham, a batch of cranberry sauce as well as a salted caramel roulade for Christmas day lunch at my Mother in Law’s house. I am still tired a week later… I will get back to myself eventually, I have a week off when I plan to get lots of R&R and get back to the blogging… and documenting the house progress!!

Meanwhile…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Gordon’s Pink Gin: A Delicious Recipe For Your Pink Gin

Okay I mentioned that I bought a bottle of Gordon’s pink gin at the weekend, I tried something and oh good lord guys! I got the best tonic water I could get my hands on (Fever Tree) and a lovely ripe Pomegranate, got all the seeds and juice out and poured myself a shot and a half of the gin.. I think it’s the nicest drink I ever tasted there’s something about pomegranate and red berries! TRY IT! You’ll get 4 G&T’s out of 1 pomegranate, just scatter in a couple of juniper berries too and you’re laughing! The juice especially makes it!