Hey guys! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas ( if you celebrate it), I hope you managed to spend lots of time with your friends and family most of all…and yeah, a couple of nice gifts thrown in. 😂 😉

Since my last post, our mortgage application WAS APPROVED and I’ve basically living on a cloud in addition to a very busy period at work. I worked right up until Christmas eve when I basically fell in the door and died, I was so tired, I then managed to make a ham, a batch of cranberry sauce as well as a salted caramel roulade for Christmas day lunch at my Mother in Law’s house. I am still tired a week later… I will get back to myself eventually, I have a week off when I plan to get lots of R&R and get back to the blogging… and documenting the house progress!!

Meanwhile…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Gordon’s Pink Gin: A Delicious Recipe For Your Pink Gin

Okay I mentioned that I bought a bottle of Gordon’s pink gin at the weekend, I tried something and oh good lord guys! I got the best tonic water I could get my hands on (Fever Tree) and a lovely ripe Pomegranate, got all the seeds and juice out and poured myself a shot and a half of the gin.. I think it’s the nicest drink I ever tasted there’s something about pomegranate and red berries! TRY IT! You’ll get 4 G&T’s out of 1 pomegranate, just scatter in a couple of juniper berries too and you’re laughing! The juice especially makes it!

Gift Idea: A Barbershop Treatment For The Dapper Chap, Jonathan’s Barbershop at The Shelbourne

Girls, we all know how hard it is to buy presents for men, given some are easily pleased and want video games or clothes. When asked, my my husband’s reply is always “NOTHING! We’re saving for a house, put the … Continue reading