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    A Little Good News

    So today, I had my follow up ultrasound at the Maternity Hospital, to make sure all the pregnancy tissue was gone and it has, just about. I had one of the same Sonographer’s that I had the day I was admitted and I begged her to check out my file, just to see if there was any photo’s of Samuel at all, she looked through everything on the computer and eventually, fair play to her, she FOUNT IT!!! My initial scan that was done the day I presented with the bleeding. I feel better now because I feel that I have something to remind me of baby Samuel. So I…

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    My Miscarriage Story

    There are no quirky headlines for a post like this, it’s the hardest thing I have ever had to write. I would have been approaching 13 weeks in my pregnancy this weekend. last week, I discovered I suffered a ‘Missed Miscarriage’ or ‘Silent Miscarriage’ as it’s sometimes called. If you are squeamish, this isn’t a post you should be reading. I will warn you, I’m not going to spare any detail. My mission is to help and prepare women for one of the most common things that happens women. It’s talked about so little and brushed under the carpet. I didn’t know it was so common, myself! Fact is, miscarriage…