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    Winter Soups A Small Selection Of Delicious Favourites!

    Delicious Soup Recipes To Get You Winter Ready. “Soups You Madam!” I don’t know about you, but I don’t deal with cold weather well. I love snow, the romance of it….the silence as it falls, coating everything in a crisp clean blanket of white, everything feels new and fresh, everything is quiet….and then after a few hours, it’s brown sludge, kids have rolled the prettiness into deformed snowmen and cars have worn a brown, mucky trail into the roads…..and then then there’s the ice as it thaw’s and refreezes, people Bambi stepping on the footpaths, cars screeching into spins and everything comes to a halt…getting to work is an adventure-Wait,…

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    Skinny Muffin Top's

    I love Muffin’s, I do! Thanks to my curiosity of sweet things….. I also have a slight ‘muffin top’ ….but who cares?! I’m happy…. I personally love a good blueberry and vanilla one, made with fresh blueberries, where they were before baking, hollow in the cake mixture and in their place, a gorgeous, sweet jam….the kind that gives you purple fingers…. The cheap doughy Cuisine de France ones you get in newsagents are an insult to a good muffin…..consisting of mainly lard and can be in excess of 450 calories….yuk, they’re almost wet in texture…..awful.. and then there are the breakfast muffin’s raisin bran muffins, gorgeous served warm, sliced in…

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