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    The Most Delicious Chocolate Cake!

    If ever you make yourself a chocolate cake, make it this one, you will not be disappointed! So as I mentioned in my last post (VHI Women’s Mini Marathon), there was a bit of a family get together for my Father-InLaw’s Birthday and it was perfect!! A barbeque was sizzling when we arrived, it’s scent drifting down the street, countertops filled with delicious salads and dishes that everyone had brought and it was pretty much my weekend off my diet, not to mention a fruitful array of food the day before a marathon-for vitamins and minerals of course!! We all bring a dish so such occasions, I usually bring something…

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    VHI Women’s Mini Marathon 2015

    It’s been another interesting week! Amongst many things going on….., I completed the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon, absolutely surprising myself by running, jogging and wast walking and have qualified to sign up as a jogger next year! (Go me!! lol). Last year I walked a lot, the weather was fabulous and every second evening, I would walk 6k down to the Greystones Pier and home again, each time, a little faster…and faster still until I was practically race walking so I was so ready for last years Mini Marathon! This year, when I get home from work, I do be zonked and good for nothing, getting up at 5am every…

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