Leftover Frosting From Cupcakes….What To Do?!

Cupcakes are amongst my favourite things to make, but when on a trip to the States, Florida to be exact, I discovered something amazing! Flavour sachets to add to buttercream that add colour AND flavour! I bought 4 because I … Continue reading

Not So ‘Stuffed’ Stuffing

I love Sunday’s, apart from the idea of work the next morning which highly depends where you work, some people live for Monday mornings and returning to work. Sunday to me is a complete lounge day, sleep in, nice hot … Continue reading

'Breaking Bad' Lasagne….Estilo Mexicano (Mexican Style)

My husband is a dab hand at creating weird and wonderful dishes, we share cooking duties but I like to do a lot of the cooking, simply because I come alive when I’m cooking, I usually, make myself a delicious … Continue reading