An introduction to what I’m about..

Hi everyone!
I’m Sarah, I bake, make, craft, glue, cook, stitch and SHOP! Growing up in the daughter of a flamboyant costume designer for the local television company and stage. My Mum is not the only one with a creative streak, I come from a long line of crafters and bakers, sure my surname is Cooke, speaks for itself! My Grandmother taught me how to make sponges and pastry at the age of six, just before she died, herself and Mum bought me a sewing machine, I was still six and had big shoes to fill. I’d make clothes for my dolls and all sorts of things..

As I grew older, I’d learn one thing, get bored and learn another skill, so Mum sent me to a creative and performing arts camp in the States, where I did everything from Glassblowing to sculpture, photography to weaving, metalsmithing to printing….all while treading the boards and taking part in one of the several plays hosted over the 9 weeks.. I fell in love with metals, making jewellery with sterling silver, casting and stone setting, buffing and inlaying…it was great!!

…Then the cooking obsession started,  I love to bake cakes and cupcakes, create things from Fondant and glaze with sugar….make savory dishes..

I’m not going to bore you with endless details but a few of my friends suggested I start a blog, and keep a public diary of all the things I make, how to make them, what I bake and what I make of other recipes… so here goes, I hope you join me in this journey….and if you find me wittering on, please pull the stop cord and tell me! 🙂



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