Dieting,  Update

Weight Loss Update

I’m still on my plan, no carbs or sugar, Monday to Friday…. to date, I’ve lost 21lbs.

Photo 20-05-2016, 11 26 25
Sourdough French Toast with jam. #cheatday

Photo 21-05-2016, 15 37 37

Photo 21-05-2016, 15 38 38

I had my cheat days last week for the BloggerConference at the Marker hotel, where we enjoyed a gorgeous lunch and a ‘coffee and brownies’ networking break…  And then we had a BBQ the next day, where I popped the cork on that bottle of Cliquot that was giving me lustful looks in the fridge all week, I definitely taught that bottle a lesson! There is however….another one left. Monday Morning I weighed myself and I had gained 4lb!! My heart almost stopped with the flight! 4lb in 2 days! But, by Monday evening, it had gone back again, it was water retention from the alcohol… I had a couple of Pimms’, a brandy and eh….. a Grey Goose and tonic, I forgot to mention those. When the BBQ comes out, drink slips down a little too fast..

Photo 22-05-2016, 16 47 47

Photo 21-05-2016, 16 20 48
Delighted with myself and my lack of chins but my hair needs another cut..

This week was a little harder, I’m PMSing all week and the weight loss stabilised, today was the worst, Today was my work day off… almost started crying as I cleaned the kitchen, I’m NEVER this bad! Ryan thinks I’m a walk in the park when PM’ing.. I was useless today… there was a tomato stain on my new blue tea towels from himself cooking dinner last night and I almost lost the plot…. the tears filled my eyes and I was overcome with a feeling of helplessness and exhaustion…. if anyone saw me, they’d break their sides laughing… I was like someone with mental issues!

I guess, when I wasn’t dieting, my body was so sugar and carbohydrate fueled that I was on a high and now, the sugar is virtually non existant, I’m eating tonnes of whole fresh non starchy vegetables that I’m detoxed, if you will and more in tune with my hormones…hence the waterworks today. Thank god Ryan was at work, he probably would have had me sent to John of Gods hospital.

So, I’m giving myself a little treat today, one slice of wholemeal toast and a little bar of Galaxy chocolate… just for tonight…  I can feel water retention on my tummy but convinced I’m still burning fat.


Oh the joys of being a woman, boys…. count yourself lucky! You have it easy!

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