Orlando, what to see and how to get the best prices!

I write about the States a lot… I do, but you have to admit it is pretty awesome to visit! I’ve been going over to  my American Stepfather’s place since I was twelve, and since then, racked up some serious … Continue reading

SUMMERTIME……and the livin’ is easy!

Can you feel it? It’s officially SPRING!              Well it will be from next Sunday when the clock’s go forward!…. I am absolutely dying to get my patio sorted and get out there for some al fresco dining, or even … Continue reading

Cupcakes to ‘those Brownies’ to the yummiest cheesecake! Baking for a six year old’s party!

My exploration of French baking is dragging out a bit, while waiting for my silicone macaron tray to arrive, I carried on baking other things, I can’t goo too long without baking something, I get little twitches in my palms, … Continue reading