Attacking The Dukan, Day 1

So my husband is working abroad for a week, and finally I get to do a spot of dieting, shift some pounds before the party season kicks off. I’ve written before (one of my first entries in this blog) about my go-to diet of choice, The Dukan, but I have a few more followers now and it’s been a few months shy of a year.  I am struggling keeping weight off, gaining over a stone since we got married… sure all the baking doesn’t help but funny enough, I don’t eat much of what I make, it’s living with a man, my husband…no, no, I’m not blaming him, I have weak willpower when it comes to pasta and cheese and something yummy is suggested, I cave in…even bread which doesn’t agree with me, I still love bruschetta’s and red pesto on a little French bread, dynamite!

It’s Monday morning, I’m officially on track and then my Mum talks about meeting me for Lunch on Wednesday at my favourite, Carluccio’s, pasta…Italian food…just an hour in and temptation stands in my way, I can do this! So I thought about breakfast, a ham omelette cooked on a dry pan, sprayed with 1-Cal oil and wiped off with a kitchen towel. After my omelette, I had an oat bran porridge and a natural fat free yoghurt. When doing the Dukan, it’s necessary to have 1.5 tbsp’s of oat bran daily, not only does it act as a flypaper for any fats in your food but also gives you a little fibre too, so I mix my 1.5tbsp with a dash of skimmed milk, some Stevia and cinnamon and pop into the dreaded micowave for 1.5 minutes, let it sit while you eat your omelette so the oatbran continues to soak up the milk and swell a little more

Don’t allow yourself to go hungry or your metabolism will slow down and they diet won’t work as good so you can make turkey roll-ups, filled with a little fat free cottage cheese, or a bowl of natural yoghurt…. some grilled turkey bacon, make it all in advance so you have it handy when a hunger pan kicks in.. Hard boiled eggs are nice too but you’re only allowed two yolks a day and unlimited whites..

The important thing is to keep drinking water on this thing, the minimum intake is 1.5 litres but you should drink up to three litres, but spread out throughout the day, never drink an obscene amount of water in a short space of time, because you don’t want to end up in A&E with brain swelling. You can drink Coke Zero too and Sparkling water, but my favourite, Pellegrino is not recommended because it’s got a high sodium content,  tea and coffee also allowed, both with skimmed milk and no flavoured teas-yup, sorry 🙁  None of the drinks mentioned can count as part of your water quota though, so many rules, how can you remember them all!

So dinner time comes around and since today is my sugar withdrawal day….I decided to treat myself to a roast chicken, all for me! I put my chicken on a grill tray over it’s roasting tin so all the fat and juices drip down and drain out of the roast but also it steams it too, keeping it lovely and moist.
I’m really limited with sauces, I cannot eat vegetables this week, just baby gherkins/cornichons which can be used as a garnish only, no roasties or carrot’s. Don’t eat that skin either! I’m keeping the leftovers for a stock next week to make soup, since Ryan’s not here to eat the legs and wings which I don’t like and are quite fatty-not allowed!
I made a dressing sort of like a Mayan dressing from Dukan’s book, but it had oil in the recipe which I’m not allowed, basically, in a clean jam jar, put  1/4 tsp Dijon Mustard, a crushed fat garlic clove and about 4 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, close the lid and give it a good shake… give it a little taste before you dress the chicken, you may need to altar it to suit your tastes, I love balsamic vinegar and garlic so I load up on those. You don’t need to heat the dressing, the warm chicken will warm it for you.

I was going to make a Dukan cheesecake today but it was a microwave recipe and I really don’t like using the microwave, I’d prefer not to have one in my kitchen. So today, dessert consists of a Greek style, fat free yoghurt. Tomorrow, I shall tackle a dessert of my own!

More to come tomorrow in my ‘adventures in Dukanisms’, lol!

My tunnel vision to to look good in the dress my Hubby bought for me last year, he loves red on me but I need to slim down a lot before I wear it again!

My Alicia Estrada dress Ryan bought me, tunnel vision to keep my diet on track!


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