Edible Gifts: Seasonal Shortbread

¬†Festive Mince Pie Shortbread I don’t know if I’m getting carried away with the Christmas baking..it’s just slightly past mid November and already I’ve made mince pies, I’ve always been a devil for premature Christmas though! I remember torturing my … Continue reading

The First Installment of Home Made Christmas Gifts!

Home Made is The Best Kind! Every Christmas, the world wastes about 2 Billion on unwanted gifts, I’ve sure got my fair share from trinkety ornaments and things, you know the thought is there but it’s not necessarily you or … Continue reading

Cream Cakes & The Classic Coffee Slice

You’ve got to love a good old cream cake! They always take me right back to Dublin in the 80’s, there are still loads of old fashioned bakeries dotted about the city, selling¬† all the traditional pastries, custard slices, cream … Continue reading