Pretty as a Peach


How pretty are doughnut (Saturn) peaches!?  Beautiful oblong globes of velvety smooth sweetness and they smell divine too!! But there is the fact that they look like squishy little butt’s…  ohh but they’re so tasty!  Whenever I’m shopping, I can’t resist a punnet and most of the time, they’re hard and under ripe so most of the time I let them ripen and more often, completely  forgetting about them and they spoil…


I was determined not to let this happen last week, they were just on the verge of becoming over ripe so I decided to bake them! I cut them in half, pulled out the little stones and placed them in a baking dish with honey, a little butter and a dash of cinnamon, baked at 170 Celcius for about 30 minutes then serve with natural yoghurt, ice cream or Mascarpone. I chose fat free natural yoghurt and a few dried rose petals, it was absolutely divine!!!



If you remove the skins and chop the flesh, you could use it as a yoghurt stir in for your work lunch break to enjoy while you sit in the sun, garnished with a couple of dwarf strawberries, absolute heaven! I just love the syrup and could eat it on it’s own.



   Utterly divine! You should give it a try! Even toast slivered almond’s and scatter on top!

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