Longlisted for an award????


I’ve been dancing on air the past week, not only am I now a full time blogger (as of the end of the week) but I’ve made the Longlist for a blog award with Blog Awards Ireland, run by Ashville Media Group!! Firstly, a huge huge THANK YOU, to my fabulous readers, who thought I might be good enough to even be considered and register my blog on the Blog Awards Ireland website, I found out last week that I’ve gone through to be longlisted!!!!!!! *deep breath* I’m not being defeatist, but there are hundreds of longlisted blogs but to even get this far is utterly amazing! There are bloggers out there with thousands of followers, I love my few hundred, I feel most of you are like family now, the funny comments you share with me etc 🙂 Thank you for being by my side and reading my ramblings and dishes!!

I am planning a launch party still to celebrate the .com move and if I make the shortlist…YOU’RE ALL INVITED and we’ll party the night away 🙂 Plus I’ll make a cake and some treats!

Thank you, once again for thinking of me and taking the time to log on to their site to put in my blog details, I appreciate it more than you know!



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