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The First Walk Through Of Our House!

Well now I feel it’s really happening, we got inside our new house this week. The company that installed our ‘air to heat’ system invited us to come along for a demo in one of the complete and occupied houses.

Air to heat is like a big fridge in my utility room ?. Basically, you don’t need gas or oil to heat your home, it’s an Eco friendly way of heating your house and works like a refrigerator only in reverse, pulling heat out of the air outside down to -22ÂșC. In the extremely unlikely event of Ireland going into a cold snap, below these temperatures, a back up boiler will kick in. I can’t imagine what you’re thinking, reading this, I’m even confused.

The Foreman happened to be on site, closing up the building site for the evening and I asked him, flirtatiously, if there was any possibility I could just see inside my house for 5 mins after the demo -IT WORKED! I got in! I almost passed out with excitement.


The best part is that we have a fireplace! The Estate Agent told us that none of the new houses have fireplaces as solid fuels will becoming illegal soon and it also interferes with the energy rating of a house. The show house had an electric fire which we were told we wouldn’t have unless it was a special request. I was sort of gutted to be honest and planned to build one ourselves afterwards. Christmas isn’t Christmas without a cozy fire. I grew up with a Mother who always suffered with the cold and there was a huge roaring coal fire whenever she got a chance, Christmas morning was no exception. In winter, there’s nothing better than curling up with a book beside a fire and a pot of tea. Anyway, when we got in, the first thing I saw…. A FIREPLACE, built into the wall, electric, remote controlled!! My year is MADE! I am easily pleased, I tell you Apologies for the noise in the video, it’s the foreman moving all. the tractors and diggers into place for the night, closing up the site.


I was shopping for fireplaces and was not impressed with the ones available. This thing though…this baffled me? WHY would you want that as your fireplace? Blessus! So “classy”.

Anyway, here’s the video of the walkthrough, I am beyond excited. All these years of sacrifice have paid off, to be able to walk through your own front door.. I was so baffled I couldn’t speak. I was calling gardens “doors” and windows “doors”…just DOOR on the brain for some reason… y’know?


So, as soon as I am in (end of September now, we’re snagging from next week) I’ll be planning my Foodie YouTube channel, loads of demo’s, I’ll be sugar crafting again, it’s so exciting!!


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