The ‘Humble Crumble’ Apple Crumble Bars I Entered Into The Happy Pear’s Apple Festival Bake Off!

There’s one thing every Irish person appreciates and that’s an apple tart, or a crumble for that matter, we’ll take them any way, with rhubarb, with pouring cream, with ice cream or even warm custard, just gorgeous. There is always … Continue reading

Vanilla Pod’s Chicken Salad

One of my true favourite places to eat in Dublin, is the Vanilla Pod Eatery in Carrickmines, every day it’s hopping, from brunch until evening and caters for a wide range of appetites. Divided into two, there’s the Vanilla Pod … Continue reading

Cupcakes to ‘those Brownies’ to the yummiest cheesecake! Baking for a six year old’s party!

My exploration of French baking is dragging out a bit, while waiting for my silicone macaron tray to arrive, I carried on baking other things, I can’t goo too long without baking something, I get little twitches in my palms, … Continue reading

Winter Soups A Small Selection Of Delicious Favourites!

Delicious Soup Recipes To Get You Winter Ready. “Soups You Madam!” I don’t know about you, but I don’t deal with cold weather well. I love snow, the romance of it….the silence as it falls, coating everything in a crisp … Continue reading